Those of you who have followed my blog so far may have realised that I am slightly pre-occupied by food. That is something I could quite easily be guilty of, as for me, food is a huge source of pleasure –  to cook, to discover new foods, dishes or cuisines and to share meals with family and friends is definitely one of my simple pleasures. So naturally, food has become even more of an issue for me now that I am a mother and part of that is I really hope that my daughter shares my love of cooking and baking, and that she too will have a spirit of adventure when it comes to discovering new foods.
We are blessed to have friends and family from many different cultures and so already in her short life she has tried dishes from Poland, Ghana, Pakistan, China, Nigeria, Germany – and of course, Jamaica! Whilst she has already had a number of opportunities to experience Jamaican food at friends’ houses and functions, and of course from the takeaway food shop –  I didn’t want my daughter’s experiences of Jamaican food to have been exclusively out of the house. I wanted her to experience those foods and dishes in her home, to be the foods she has grown up with. For me, some of the most comforting foods are those that formed part of my childhood and I want her to have that similar memory and experience with foods form her Jamaican heritage.

Now, I can only cook ackee and saltfish well and although I have attempted other dishes, I was really happy when I saw a course advertised at a local adult education centre teaching Caribbean cookery. It is only on for 6 weeks, one evening per week, but I thought it would be fun if nothing else! So, last week I went along and I made my very own batch of patties!!
My daughter loved them – despite my Dad’s worries that they would be too spicy for her (secretly I think he wanted more for himself as he loved them too) – she gulped them down. Needless to say I have become very popular with friends and family all offering to help sample the goodies but I shall of course keep you updated on my progress….